Imports data from a Microsoft SQl Server database.



hostname: The hostname (.e.g localhost) or the IP address (e.g. of the database server. If unspecified, defaults to localhost.

port: The port of the database server. If unspecified, defaults to 1433.

database: The name of the database.

username: The username to connect to the database. If unspecified, defaults to sa.

password: The password to connect to the database

query: The SQL query reading from the database (e.g. SELECT * from table WHERE ...).

read-only: When set to True, the connection to the server is made with parameter ApplicationIntent set to READONLY.


data: A datatable containing the imported data.

Possible use cases

  • Any use requiring querying a database to obtain updated or new data.

  • Populating a line list of newly-processed lab samples to send for sequencing, based on a LIMS database.

  • Updating a Microreact visualisation with new data in an epidemiology database.

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