Extracts data from an Epicollect5 project. import-epicollect-project-to-datatable

Imports data from an Epicollect project.



url: The URL of a valid Epicollect5 project URL (e.g. https://five.epicollect.net/project/ec5-demo-project).

client id: The Epicollect5 Client ID to access private projects. (Not required for public projects, so defaults to null). See https://epicollect5.gitbooks.io/epicollect5-api/content/client-credentials-grant/create-client-app.html

client secret: The Epicollect5 Client Secret to access private projects.(Not required for public projects, so defaults to null). See https://epicollect5.gitbooks.io/epicollect5-api/content/client-credentials-grant/create-client-app.html.

map index: The index of the mapping to use (defaults to zero). The Epicollect map_index is an integer index of the particular mapping you want the data to be mapped against.


slug: The project slug. A slug is the part that comes at the very end of a URL and refers to a specific page or post. For example, the slug for the url https://five.epicollect.net/project/ec5-demo-project is 'ec5-demo-project'.

data: A datatable containing the entries from the Epicollect project.

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