Run Page

Consisting of INFO, RUN, and API subpages.

INFO subpage

A data-flo's Run Page’s INFO subpage has information about the data-flo (the author’s description of the data-flo, as well as listing the inputs and outputs of the data-flo). Any information that an author wants users to have should be shown on this page.
The Run Page's INFO Subpage

RUN subpage

The Run Page’s RUN subpage is where the action happens – this is where all users with Run permissions come to run a data-flo. They enter any specific input details required (if any) and hit the “RUN” button.
These inputs are created when the adaptor arguments are configured using the Bind to Data-flo input option.
The Run Page's RUN Subpage

API subpage

The Run Page’s API subpage provides information necessary to run a data-flo via API (Application Programming Interface).
The Run Page's API Subpage