Data-flo Documentation
Open-source, modular, and extensible data integration.

What is Data-flo?

Data~~-~~flo is an open-source system for data manipulation and integration. Data-flo provides methods to transform data either programmatically using data Adaptors or declaratively using Dataflows.

What is a data adaptor?

A data Adaptor is a JavaScript function which programmatically transforms a set of inputs to a set of outputs. Both sets of inputs and outputs are predefined in the adaptor manifest which also describes the data type of each input and output argument.
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What is a Dataflow?

Adaptors can be combined and linked together to form a data transformation task called a Dataflow. Similar to an Adaptor, a Dataflow consists of predefined sets of inputs and outputs, in addition to a list of transformation steps to be executed in order. Each transformation step includes the name of the Adaptor to be used with a set of bindings: instructions on what values to provide to the adaptor function. A Dataflow can also include an Dataflow as transformation steps.
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