Imports a csv file and converts it to datatable data type

Since most adaptors in Data-flo use datatable data type, it's helpful to convert other data types (such as csv files) to datatables.

csv-file-to-datatable is a very commonly-used adaptor for importing data.

This adaptor can ingest data from an input file that uses comma-separated values, tab-separated values, or other similar formats. The file can be encoded in various ways.

Depending on the storage location of the original file, this adaptor may come after another import adaptor, such as ftp-file, google-drive-file, dropbox-file, etc.



csv: The file in CSV, TSV, or similar delimited format.

encoding: Input file encoding. Supported encodings are: ascii, base64, binary, hex, ucs2, utf8, or latin1. Defaults to utf8, which is the most common encoding on the web.

separator: Character used as column delimiter. Leave blank to auto-detect from a list of most common delimiters. Defaults to blank, to auto-detect. The separator is a comma in a CSV, and a tab in a TSV. Some other characters will also be accepted here, such as a semi-colon.

newline: Character used as row delimiter. Leave blank to auto-detect. Must be one of '\r', '\n', or '\r\n'. Defaults to blank, to auto-detect.


output: the file data in datatable format.

Possible use cases

  • External CSV file contains data to manipulate as a datatable.

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