Converts a delimited text value into a datatable

Caution: CSV is text, and large text values require a lot of power in Data-flo. If you have the ability to use a CSV file as input (using csv-file-to-datatable adaptor) instead of directly pasting the comma-separated value into this input, you will see better performance.



csv: The comma-separated text value.

separator: Character used as column delimiter. Leave blank to auto-detect from a list of most common delimiters (,, , |, ;). Defaults to blank, to auto-detect.

newline: Character used as row delimiter (the character in the CSV string that signifies the end of one row and the beginning of the next). Also known as line break, end of line, or carriage return. Leave blank to auto-detect. Must be one of '\r', '\n', or '\r\n'. Defaults to blank, to auto-detect. TIP: holding <shift> while you hit <enter> (or <shift><return>) will allow you to type a newline character in the "Bind to a value" text box.


output: The csv text reformatted to datatable structure.


This adaptor has been used in many of the "Adaptor Demo" data-flos.

Here's one of them: https://data-flo.io/run?hEC2AKpqLickXTbnyvEaxZ

Possible use cases

  • Testing! Entering a small amount of test data to the beginning of a data-flo (this method has been used for many of the Adaptor Demo data-flos)

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