Connect directly to a database

Instead of downloading data from a database into a file, and then importing that file into Data-flo, you may want to directly query the database using Data-flo.

There are multiple database adaptors, each for different kinds of databases, and more database connections may be added in the future.


Connecting to a database from Data-flo requires knowing connection details like the database hostname, connection port, database username & password, etc. as well as having a query to pass to the database. Each type/adaptor is slightly different.

If you connect directly to the database already (e.g. via software like SQL Navigator, SQL Developer, Toad, HeidiSQL, etc), you probably know the necessary credentials already. If not, you may need your Data team or IT department to get you the information.

Which adaptor to use

The adaptor you'll need depends on the type of database you're accessing.

AdaptorDatabase typeNotes

Very different from the other database connections

uses connection string instead of hostname, database, port

Allows specification of "read only" intent.

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