The Canvas is where data-flos get created and edited.

  • The Canvas is where a data-flo is built.

  • Adaptors get added, removed, and altered.

  • Run permissions are set for the data-flo (i.e. who can access the data-flo's Run Page).

  • The descriptions and details that will be visible to users on the Run Page are set.

  • For a particular data-flo, the canvas is only accessible to its author.

Cheat Sheet

The image below is a cheat sheet, showing the components of the Canvas page. Note that the sizes of various panels (debugger, sidebar, etc.) can be adjusted by clicking on the borders between them.

Canvas Debugging panel Sidebar Go to Transformations Page Show/hide transformations menu Save (autosave) Debugger mode toggle Go to Run Page Dataflow name Search in canvas Step (card) header / description (This represents the instance of the adaptor) Arguments Inputs (left side) Outputs (right side) Mini map (of canvas) Selection details (selection could be data-flo, transformation, argument, etc) Little plus box Info tooltip Canvas zoom Adaptor filter

Resize the panels

The Debugger panel and the Right Sidebar can be resized as needed. Hover over the separation until the line becomes heavy (dark) and the cursor changes to a dragger.

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