Prep outbreak data for Microreact

Using Data-flo to prepare data for Microreact

The exemplar data-flo below feeds a Microreact project that was created as a model for a simulated outbreak investigation. The data were fabricated to mimic the data that might be available for samples tracked in a pathogen outbreak (genomic data, lab data, and epi survey metadata).

The Data-flo exemplar and the related Microreact exemplar can be copied (log in first) and explored.

Data-flo exemplar

Here you can find and download the input files to feed into the Data-flo exemplar below:

Here you can find and copy the Data-flo exemplar that uses those input files and feeds in to Microreact (See How to copy a data-flo for help copying the below data-flo):

Here you can see (and copy) the Microreact project using the output of the Data-flo exemplar above:

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