Merges rows of two datatables into a new datatable.



first data: The first datatable.

second data: The second datatable.

columns: Specifies which columns to be included in the output. If unassigned, all columns in both datatables will be included.

intersect columns: Specifies whether to only include columns which exist in both datatables. If unassigned, if defaults to "false" (includes all columns, even if some are only represented in one of the input datatables).


data: A new datatable containing the specified columns and all rows from both datatables.

Possible use cases

  • Merging two datatables that were generated the same way and have identical columns with different datasets.

  • Combining more than one GISAID download.

  • Combining the outputs from multiple sequencing analyses.

  • Combining an old version of a dictionary file and a new version of the dictionary file.

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