Transformations Page

Consisting of the DATA-FLOs and ADAPTORS subpages. Shows all available data-flos and adaptors.

DATA-FLOs subpage

On the Transformations page, the ‘Data-flos” subpage, you’ll see a list of existing data-flos, showing their access types (whether they’re private or shared).

If you have edit permissions for a particular data-flo, you’ll see a pencil icon.

You can change the order of the list as needed (the “Folder” option is based on folders defined from within each data-flo).

ADAPTORS subpage

Navigating to the Adaptors” subpage shows you a list of all available adaptors. Learn more about adaptors here.

Clicking anywhere on the Data-flo listing (except the pencil) will open that Data-flo’s Run Page.

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