Getting data out of Data-flo

Export adaptors & "mark as Data-flo output"

Data can be exported from Data-flo in two ways.

  1. Some adaptors are specifically configured to push data to certain external data locations (e.g. export-datatable-to-sqlite-file, update-microreact-project).

  2. Some adaptors simply make data available for download (e.g. datatable-to-csv-file), and the user running the data-flo must manually download (pull) the data to an external location.

Mark as a Data-flo output

Data marked as a Data-flo output is available from the run page or directly at the destination specified by the final adaptors.

When you mark something as a Data-flo output, Data-flo creates a new pill on the data-flo. Clicking on this pill brings up the Output Details sidebar, where you can add names and descriptions to be shown on the run page. TIP: The Output Details sidebar does not affect the name of any actual file output. Filenames are specified in the adaptors that convert data to files.

When multiple outputs are defined, they show up on the Run Page in the order they were created (defined). To change the order on the Run Page, the outputs must be deleted from the data-flo and recreated in the order you want them to appear.

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