Imports data from a Google Spreadsheet and converts it to a datatable.

Imports data from a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Private spreadsheets should be shared with



url: The URL of the Google Sheets spreadsheet. Private sheets should be shared with

sheet name: The title of the sheet (tab) from which data will be imported. If unspecified, the first sheet in the spreadsheet will be imported.

range: A valid range of cells (e.g. A1:L512) that contain data. If unspecified, the whole sheet will be included.

skip: A list of row numbers to be ignored. If unspecified, then all rows in the range will be imported.

cache: Specifies for how long (in hours) to cache the results. Defaults to null (does not cache). TIP: Ignore cache and leave it null.


data: A datatable containing the imported data.


Possible use cases

  • Maintaining a shared spreadsheet containing any standardized or frequently-updated mapping or list, to be imported and used as input to another adaptor's arguments.

  • Hard-coding a shared spreadsheet as the datasource for a shared data-flo during data-flo development, rather than using a filesystem spreadsheet that requires user input.

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