Selects a list of columns from a datatable in a specified order.

Enables selection of a subset of columns from a datatable.

Defines the order of columns in the output.



data: The datatable containing columns to be selected.

columns: The list of columns to be included, in the specified order.


data: A datatable with the selected columns, in the order defined in columns.


To sort columns alphabetically, the Select-columns adaptor can be used in concert with Datatable-columns and Sort-list.

Original data:

Final data: (column names are sorted alphabetically)

Another option in this case is to sort the columns using Datatable-columns and Sort-list, but instead of feeding the results directly into the columns argument of Select-columns, copy-pasting from the Sort-list output, enabling you to easily sort a subset of columns alphabetically.

Possible use cases

  • Selecting a subset of columns for final data-flo output

  • Selecting one or more columns to send on a particular processing path through other adaptors

  • Reordering columns to match an expected output order

  • Reordering columns to get two columns next to each other for easy comparison during the data-flo build process

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