Sends an email message via a SMTP server.

Automatically send an email when the Data-flo is run.


NOTE: The software erroneously uses "STMP" instead of "SMTP" but this does not affect the operation of the adaptor.


smtp hostname: The hostname or IP address of the SMTP server

smtp port: The port of the SMTP server.

smtp username: The username of the SMTP account.

smtp password: The password of the SMTP account. CAUTION: Be wary of using "bind to value" with passwords!

smtp secure: When set to 'True', the connection to the server will use TLS protocol (transport layer security).

from address: The address to appear as the sender of the email. Can be plain or formatted "Sender Name"

to address: A comma separated list or an array of recipients email addresses. Can be plain or formatted "recipient Name"

subject: The subject of the email being sent.

text: The plaintext version of the message (email body).


message id: The final Message-Id value returned by the SMTP server.

response: The last SMTP response from the server (this is not an email response, but more of a server status log message)

Note: the email itself is not shown as an output in Data-flo, but is sent behind the scenes.


  • Gmail SMTP hostname:

  • Gmail SMTP port (when smtp secure is set to true for TLS): 587

  • Gmail SMTP port (when smtp secure is set to false, for SSL): 465

  • Gmail SMTP username: Your full Gmail address (e.g.

  • Gmail SMTP password: The password that you use to log in to Gmail

Possible use cases

  • Send email with a link to a Microreact project containing data newly updated via Data-flo

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